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An Overview of Digital Marketing

An overview of Digital Marketing with tools and roles of Digital Marketing is been explained in this video. Do not forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to my Video. Your valuable feedback will help me to improve and perform well. Have a nice day 🙂

9 Ways to become a World Champion of Marketing — A holistic approach

Do you struggle to be a good marketer ? Do you know your niche and have strategic approach of marketing your product/service ? Do you think that ineffective communication is barrier for being a good marketer ? Do you encounter to convince people to buy your products/ services ?Do you struggle to retain customer and …

Action for Change

The Future depends on what you do today! — Mahatma Gandhi Where are you nowandWhere you want to be in futurehas a difference of ‘action initiated’. There are many people who are unaware about their goalswho are, are not ready with their planswho are, are not taking any actionandsome who are taking, are taking wrong …