Vision 2025 | Shrishti 2.0

Shrishti Gupta is a renowned name in Business industry. She is known for her hard work, excellence and visionary in the Industry.

Shrishti Gupta is a successful Digital Marketing Executive of XYZ Corporation, Mumbai. Shrishti is also a eminent influencer, who influences people with her blogs and work . She has been a digital marketer, project manager, strategic manager, business developer and business and financial analytics.

Shrishti says that her journey begin with DDIP (Digital Deepak Internship Program (Batch 5)), when she was struggling with comprehensive practical knowledge in digital marketing and with Digital Deepak’s (Deepak Kanakaraju)mentorship and internship program, she could believe in her version 2.0 to change herself and her life to become what she is now and to do more. She has also worked under Digital Deepak and trained thousands of digital marketers.

She has worked as project and strategic manager in ABC co. in 2021, seeking with opportunities she operated as Business Analytic manager in PQR pvt. ltd. in 2022 with Digital freelancing and now, a Digital Marketing Executive in XYZ Corporation, Mumbai.
Shrishti also says that she is a self- learner and doer, she did and achieved everything own her own terms with her family support.

Shrishti has keen interest and experience in various different domains apart from digital marketing and managerial work which involves social work, interior designing, health and fitness, performing arts, modeling, photography and blogging. She has most visited blogging sites called ‘’ and ‘’. She says that she has a passionate desire in performing arts.

Shrishti is also a fitness freaker and foodie. She believes that a skill or learning is excelled by practical implementation and by initiating action, as theoretical knowledge is not enough to excel in any field.

Shrishti believes in holistic growth and perfectionism, hence she was focused in her overall personality development and performance.

Famous philosophies which she believes in:

“Be the change, who want to see in world”- Mahatma Gandhi

” Be who you needed when you were younger”; and

” Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” -  Shiv khera

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